Frequently Asked Questions
Can you provide us with references from your past clients?

Absolutely! All proposals presented by a reputable contractor should provide references. One of the most common reasons the public gets “burned” on a contracted project is that they either didn’t get references or didn’t check on the references that were given.

Quality Home Improvements provides a list of references of past clients who have had similar work done at their homes. Please, before you accept any proposal for work to be done, call some or all of the references provided. Not only ask them about their experience with the contractor (timeliness, cleanliness, quality of work, communications, easy to get along with, etc) but also how they learned of the contractor in question. If they were referred, ask if you could call the referring person. This is the absolutely best source for a reference

Will you provide a design/build package?

Quality Home Improvements uses the Design/Build approach to many of their projects. We have an on staff interior designer who will work with the client to design their project, with in a given budget and to their specifications. The budget amount is the guideline for the design only – not the target of the proposal. Many times Quality Home Improvements comes in lower than the budged amount and the client gets everything they desire. Sometimes we need permission to exceed the budget to add all of the “wants” or “must haves”. Sometimes we may need to back something out of the design to meet the “do not exceed” amount. Quality Home Improvements will produce the needed drawings, via computer software or hand drawn by an architect, to provide a visual perspective of the project. These include, but not limited to, a top view and all “face-on” views of the project. Once these are completed, we have a design, either at or below the budgeted amount. Given the go ahead, the production drawings are produced, permits obtained, and the work is scheduled for production. Quality Home Improvements is know for their quality of work and has won many awards over the years (see the awards button on the main menu).

Does your work have a warranty?

Quality Home Improvements provides a one-year warranty on labor and a one-year warranty on materials that we purchase and install from the date your project is completed. Also, if plumbing, electrical, heating or air-conditioning delivery systems are installed, they carry a two-year labor and materials warranty.

The manufactures warranty for all appliances or fixtures purchased by Quality Home Improvements still apply and may extend beyond the one or two year warranty period provided by us. Their warranty may or may not include replacement labor charges

Remodel projects that Quality Home Improvements is contracted to do, over the value of $10,000, is registered with the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC) even though the law only requires projects over the value of $15,000 to be registered. Once a project is registered with the TRCC, the homeowner has more coverage on structural components added to the home: ten year warranty for major structural components of the home and ten years for habitability in the remodeled area.

Being registered with the TRCC gives the homeowner a “finished product” standard that the remodeled project must meet or exceed. You may visit the TRCC website at www.trcc.state.tx.us.

Are you insured?

The state of Texas does not require a remodeler to carry insurance of any kind. However, Quality Home Improvements does carry a third-party (not the Texas Workers Compensation) liability insurance for its workers. Also, Quality Home Improvements does require that all sub-contractors carry their own liability insurance. Quality Home Improvements started business in 1991 and with its worksite standards and quality personnel; we have never had a major accident, and only a few very minor ones. Also please know that Texas law prevents hired contractors/or workers in or around your home from suing the homeowner due their negligence or due to the normal risks occurred in the execution of their tasks.

Do you have a showroom?

As of October 31, 2016, our showroom closed. However, new plans are underway for a new and improved showroom! More details are to be released soon.  With that said, our design services have not changed!  Depending upon the size of your project, Quality Home Improvements will provide up to a stated number of hours, on a signed proposal, to help design, make selections for materials, appliances and fixtures. Interior design help is also available on a per hour basis.

Will I receive a written estimate?

Yes, with out a written proposal or contract, how do you know what you are actually paying for?

Quality Home Improvements will provide a detailed proposal, with pictures where needed, covering all of the items to be completed, the manufacturer of fixtures and appliances to be installed including their product numbers, etc.

We advise all of our prospective clients to carefully read our proposals and insure that everything they want or believe is being provided is recorded in the proposal.

Why was Quality Home Improvements estimate higher than some of the other estimates I received?

There are a lot of reasons for a difference! Generally, it’s the ol’ adage, “You get what you pay for”.

Firstly, Quality Home Improvements will only have trained and highly qualified personnel doing the work on your project. Along with the high skill level of the workers also comes a higher rate of pay. I’m sure, if you have talked to very many people in the area, you have heard the horror stories of poor workmanship, etc. Take a look at the awards section of our website and you’ll see that Quality Home Improvements has won many awards from professional remodeling organizations (our peers). They speak for themselves.

Secondly, Quality Home Improvements only uses premium products in their construction. There is no “corner cutting” in our work practices. Corner cutting may not be noticeable immediately, but after a few years of use they will generally become known. This is where a contractor’s reputation becomes important. Quality Home Improvements has won six Better Business Bureau Awards of Excellence, five “Winner of Distinction” awards and two “Pinnacle” awards. Once again the awards speak for themselves. The company has an impressive list of satisfied clients.

Thirdly, sometimes the difference is that the contractors bidding on the project do not have the exact same set of plans or specifications. What the client wants for the project may change after talking to one or more contractors. Without a set of plans or written specifications, the bidding process may be like “comparing apples to oranges”. Spending the time on the details of what is wanted for the project will help narrow the gap in pricing. If you need help, hire an interior designer. Quality Home Improvements has designers on staff as part of our design/build operation. Still, you need to consider the comments made in the first or second points above.

Fourthly, some contractors will provide a “low ball” proposal to entice you to sign with their company. They will have wording in the proposal that is purposely left vague in some areas or have items deliberately omitted that you must have. Once they have you locked in with a signed proposal, here come the upgrades. To make up for the “low” estimate, these contractors will charge outrageous mark-ups for the items added (change orders). Leaving you with a higher priced finished product than any of the other proposals you may have received.

Quality Home Improvements tries it’s best to include everything in writing, even including pictures of items, giving product numbers, etc. to ensure you know exactly what you are paying for. We must do a good job, since we have such high marks with the Better Business Bureau. You may go the Better Business Bureau website at www.bbbhou.org.

What type of workers do you employ?

Quality Home Improvements is an equal opportunity employer. That being said, we do have a high standard for all of our personnel and sub-contractors.

First off, they must be citizens of the US or have a valid work visa.

Secondly, we do background checks on our personnel and require that the owner/sub-contractors to do the same. In fact, it is required by law in the State of Texas to do the background check and not allow any known felon on a residential property under your employment.

Thirdly, to be a team leader on our projects, our personnel and/or sub-contractors must speak fluent English. It may not be perfect English, but understandable. At no time are team members to be left on the worksite without an English speaking person there.

Fourthly, all of our workers treat the client with respect and are courteous, listening to their requests and concerns. Our workers are well groomed and dressed properly for the work they are to perform.

We receive a lot of compliments on our workers during the jobsite visits and on our customer survey forms. If you would like to read some, come by the office and you can scan through hundreds of them.

Why don’t you travel out side of that specific service area?

It’s all about cost! When any company tries to service a large area, such as “North Harris County”, the travel expense (labor, gas, vehicle, etc) for the proposal will distort the cost of all of the proposals produced by the company. Remember, part of the cost of every project has some of the overhead cost of running the company. We must make enough profit on all of our projects to keep our doors open. Also the costs incurred for all of the personnel to travel back and forth (portal-to-portal) for long distances must also be added into the proposal. After we add all of the extra overhead for long distance commute, companies in your area will be more competitive than us every time! Just a note, when selecting a company, whether in your area or across town, be sure to check there references, check with the BBB, check to see if they are insured and are members of a professional trade organization that will hold them to a high code of ethics.

Should I be required to put a deposit down and pay scheduled payments through the project?

It is a common practice to have a deposit upon signing of the proposal; it shows the contractor that you have a sincere interest in working with company. What is not known to the consumer, is the number of times a contract is signed, no deposit given, the contractor purchases items, schedules the workers only to find out on the day the work is to begin that their client has changed their minds, did the project themselves, or simply not going to do it. Now the contractor has a loss of time and may have materials he can’t use.

It is also common to make payments through out the project. This allows the contractor to pay the workers in a timely manor with out putting themselves in a cash flow position. By using the deposits and scheduled payments the contractor does not have to borrow money and pass that cost on to you.

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